A Brighter Future Underground

by The Juniper Drive

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The Juniper Drive is:
Blake Burbach - Guitar
Robert Kramer - Guitar, Vocals
Evan Morgenson - Bass, Vocals
Graham Thomas - Drums, percussion

This was our high school band. These songs were written primarily between 2008 and 2010. The album was recorded in 2011. Soon after tracking concluded, we all went away to school in various parts of the country. Due to this separation and other factors, official mixing on the album did not begin until 2015. We'd like to share it with you now in its completion.

Thank you for your patience, Dylan.


released April 22, 2016

Recorded by David Swenson at Makoche Recording, Bismarck ND

Mixed by Blake Burbach and Robert Kramer

Mastered by Gus Elg at Sky Onion Mastering, Portland OR

Cover photo by Charlie Newcomb

Graphic design by Graham Thomas

All songs written and performed by The Juniper Drive.

All lyrics by Robert Kramer except Sun Falls Heavy* and portions of Bay State**

*lyrics by Graham Thomas and Evan Morgenson
**lyrics by Evan Morgenson



all rights reserved


The Juniper Drive Bismarck, North Dakota

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Track Name: Decade
Trapped in suspended animation
Waiting on the bitter end
Sunlight lets me know Im still alive
Come and take me home again
I know I let you down for a while
But I think its clear how scared I am
Now all that I can ask of you

Finding my way out
Please don't die on me now

Masked behind the eyes
Committing silent crimes
With smiles on their faces
Its me they've come to terrorize
We've come to tell you the truth
The dream you had is dead
And it will always be dead
(from here on out)

Finding my way out
Please don't die on me now

The dream you had is dead
And it will always be dead.
Track Name: Bay State
If I have to make believe
This world has something left for me
I'll move out east and pray for something new

Dressed in next year's bandages
I cant afford to cling so tight to you
I think its time for me to move

Passion in a world so devoid
Of reason
I try to keep my poise

As the ink is drying on
This chapter of my life
Its black and white
And it can never be undone
This town's not what it used to be
Just memories and loose debris
I don't look back
Just pack my bags and run

Im drowning in the salt
This is all my fucking fault

Tide rise
Eats away the stone
Tide falls
These rocks will never grow

Run to the Atlantic
Track Name: Dover
The ice crystals on my window
Look like 100 melting seagulls
Evaporate and fly away
But I feel frozen here in place

Summer's here
And I don't feel so free
Quiet shores
And no one's here with me
If I could go back
I would change everything
We never had a chance

Watch the sunset on the river
Horizon eats the day alive
The sky is full of vivid color
And I pretend the stars are mine

Its a lie and I cant make it true
I tend to dream the world will wake up new
If I could be the sky to shelter you
I would hold my breath till I turned blue
If I could go back
I would change everything
We never had a chance
Track Name: Sun Falls Heavy
Deep orange
The sails fly free
The sky brings us one day apart
There'r stars up high
And the earth can breath
And the sun falls heavy on our hearts

Sun's rays caress me through the atmosphere
All is well
The winds above me sing
I wonder where you are
I wonder when I'll see you
Will we meet again on the upswing?
Track Name: Stay Gold
You said your heart's still beating
It just doesn't pump as hard
But I cant stay this shape
For you memory's sake

I've lost my way
And I've lost my ability to communicate
And nothing is the same

This doesn't seem so far away
Until I take a closer look
The ground is moving under me
And as hard as I may try sometimes

I cant wake up
And I cant hold on for my own life
Cause I don't have the trust

I will stare at the sunrise
I will stare till I go blind
To find my own piece of truth
Something I can sink my teeth into

Show me how to
Break down these walls of static that surround you
Steady through the noise...
Track Name: 5 AM
Forever awake
This heart, this body aches
Cousin of death
Deliver me from this place
Never again
I search just to find a pad and a pen
Tell these sleepers where I've been
And take my leave

Doomed to be awake to see all things to their end
Bitter love will haunt the earth until all the life is dead
And its 5 AM
And I'll never sleep again

I try to erase
Just to see the empty page
But the better words are lost
Amongst the mess I made
My mind is overrun
And I think Im just afraid
That the next dawn I see
Wont mean a brand new day

Awake to see all things to their end
Bitter love will haunt the earth until all the life is dead
And its 5 AM
And I'll never sleep again
The ghost of the house turns their lights off for them
But they never know he's there
And this is how its always been
And its 5 AM
And I'll never sleep again

Its 5 AM and I'll never sleep again

It hurts to remember
But even worse to forget
Where all these countless hours went while I was lying here in bed
And I tried not to fail you
Yes, I did my very best
But all I ever gave back was a cold and empty nest
I apologize for that and I'll apologize for this
That if I had one wish
I would take it all back
From where Im standing
Even the sun looks black
Track Name: Cold Toes
Its like my doubt is out to get me
I thought you'd always be here with me
But if we've come to a divide
I'll see you on the other side
I used to feel alive with you
But we were in life's waiting room
Well things are different than before
And Im not waiting anymore

I watched the golden sunset
And it kissed my frozen cheeks
My spirit wilted and weary
Like I had been awake for weeks
One week the grass was green
The next the sun forgot
And first I lost my sense of the direction
Then I lost my train of thought
I tried to take a walk
And wound up getting lost...

And who can write a love song
When all the love is gone
If the world is just a wasteland
We might as well have dropped a bomb

We have always been
The means to our own end
The fear that holds us tightly
Will twist our good intentions
Into something we can't recognize
That leaves a painful scar behind
That may or may not heal with time
And can you hear the distant sound
Of a lonely rock thats lost in space
Where wasted time is never found
And is the future brighter underground?
Track Name: Time
The time will pass in heartbeats
The time will pass in car seats
The time will pass on waking dreams
That fray and split at every seam
It seems to me a piece of this is missing

The leaves will fall in autumn
We'll sink right to the bottom
And on the grass we'll finally stop
You'll leave my stomach tied in knots
And from up top we'll look like tiny dots

We had this dream together
But soon you wont remember
I'll follow you around with chalk
Tracing every step you walk
So next time we can start where we left off
So long...
Track Name: Believe I
Why do your eyes always seem so sad?
Have we been getting older
Moving way too fast?
This life is like a storm
This light will keep us warm
But memory has lost
Just what I came here for

This ship is sinking
Try to hold on to something
And if you cant hold on
You have to believe

Sunlight on my face
I find myself awake
With memories of sleep
Absent in the day
A rainbow for this flood
Tell me this will never ever ever
Happen again
Then put me back together

This ship is sinking
Try to hold on to something
And if you cant hold on
You have to believe

When will this all make sense?
Can we tie loose ends together
Die without regrets?
Will I ever have the chance
To look back on this and laugh?
To forgive myself for trying
There was nothing there to find

This ship is sinking
Try to hold on to something
And if you cant hold on
You have to believe

Don't lose your grip
We'll sink with the ship and die
Someday this will all make sense
Hold on to me
You have to believe
Track Name: Believe II
When you come home to a locked front door
And no one wants to hear it anymore
There's a light on the east side of the sky
And all you want is someone to drive beside
And you can run
But you can't run it out
It's in your bloodstream now
Track Name: Lovesick
Our daydreams own our lives
We cannot live without
When disappointment hangs
Its ugly head around

And I wish that I could know you
You don't know how much this means to me
Im cringing through October
And I wish today was over
Seasons of the heart control the weather
No one said it'd be like heaven

Our daydreams own our lives
And I still get butterflies
We live through so much space
We live in black and white

And Im waiting for a sign
And Im gonna be alright
But its lonely on this side
This season is so haunting
And I think the sky is falling
But no one seems to care
A song plays in my ear
And its lovesick on repeat